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Test Result / Parameter data entry can be done in following ways:

A . Manual data entry - This entry is done by the lab technician / pathologist. 

  • MD pathologist verifies the details and approves the results.

  • Technician have rights to save/draft the result

1 --> Abnormal Value - It shows only abnormal values in report.
2--> Parameters - Instant edit parameter option
3--> Parameter Shortcut - Instant selected edit parameter option
4--> Bold Result - It Shows abnormal result in red color
5--> Reject - To reject all parameters
6--> Draft - To save temporary results
7--> Save - To save the result
8--> Approve - To approve the report
9--> Approve & Print - Approve & print report simultaneously

B. Auto calculation - With the help of setting you can calculate the parameters automatically by using formula.

C. Historical Result - Able to see previous test results & compare with current result.

D. Data Types - 

  • Numeric - This option shows result in numeric contain high & low values

  • Text - Normal text

  • Auto Text - It helps to fill data automatically by previous figures

  • Editor - Using editor you can edit the test in word format

  • Others - Multi-select,Radio,Label,Image Upload,Date & many more

E. Interfacing - Selecting data from uni-directional machine or Automatic data entry via bi-directional machine where the barcode of the samples is matched.

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