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Introduction Genex EHR Laboratory Software
Introduction Genex EHR Laboratory Software

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GenexEHR Laboratory Management System is a cloud based end to end Laboratory Management Solution which allows you to efficiently manage entire work flow of your Laboratory and create a superior customer experience 


1. Improves Productivity, Increases Accuracy and Easy to use.
2. The best solution for individual, network labs, and multi-center labs.
3. Seamless sample flow between labs and collection centers.
4. Built for unlimited scalability, power, and speed.
5. Zero maintenance, upgrade or remote support cost.
6. No need to invest in Expensive servers and their maintenance.
7. Bank level security, HIPAA compliant and based on EHR standards.
8. Preconfigured 5 departments with 325+ Pathology tests with all parameters.

GenexEHR LMS Workflow:

1. Patient registration or linking patient via OTP.
2. Billing / Test registration (OPD/IPD/Home collection)
3. Sample Acceptance, barcode generation, Label generation,
4. Test worksheet generation.
5. Test parameter entry: manually / automatic from a unidirectional or bi-directional machine.
6. Machine interfacing with ASTM, HL7, ASCII, XML, Legacy Machines using serial, LAN or custom cables.
7. Approval by single or multiple Doctors. Audit trails are maintained for changes in the data.
8. Report printing with multiple options, Print, Email, SMS.
9. Reports: IPD Billing, Collection Report, Income Report, Ref Doctor Report, Machine Output List, Outstanding 

Key Highlights:

1. Predictive Test text is shown which improves productivity.
2. Price in the tariff can be changed on the fly.
3. Test parameter master modification can be done during result entry.
4. Patient history same test and all history.
5. Contains both auto calculated parameters and hidden parameters.
6. Reports can be sent via email and SMS with option to send  them to collection center, doctor, patient
7. Reports available on GenexEHR app

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