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Step 1 - Go to Services & select service code Eg. BCB03

Step 2-  Click on Parameter for adding or delete.

Step 3 - Click on Add parameter button for adding new or click on the delete button for deleting.

  1.  Add parameter name eg.  Blood Sugar PP

  2.  Select Data type Numeric : eg.

a) If the test result in numeric, then select numeric
b) If the test result in text, then selects Long text, Auto, Text  ....Etc.

3.  Adding Code related to Service eg. Text, BP, PP etc.
4.  Sequence for which sequence that parameter you want. eg. 1
5. Units eg. mg/dl related to test.
6. Default Value  eg. For Instrument used, method, kit you can add a default value.
7.  Normal Value eg. 110 -160 (which is related to test parameter)
8. Formula eg. It relates to service and its depend on the Code. (3)
9. Lower range and upper range for Highlight the value. eg. 110 -60
10. Extreme lower range and Extreme Upper range for highlight and show restriction of value
11. Criteria :- eg. Male /  Female / other (you can set normal range as per their criteria)
12. Lower Age range and Upper Age range  
Eg.  LAR  1 Day to UAR 16 Day ranges 30 -80
       LAR  16 Day to UAR 3 Months ranges  80 - 180
       LAR  3 Months to UAR 17 Years ranges 80 - 110
       LAR  17 years to UAR 100 Years ranges 110 -160
( You can set ranges as per age criteria)
13. Method  eg. GOD POD
14. Format  
. 1. Decimal Point  (Like 120.0)
      2. Decimal Points (Like 120.00)
      3. Decimal Points (Like 120.000)
      4. Decimal Points (Like 120.0000)
Prefix: In front of number: -  09.9                           

15. Context:  If you add any statement or word its help to show to while you typed
16. Hide label: To hide the label on parameter screen. This especially needed when data is coming from interfaced machine.
17. Hide label on the report: you can hide label on patients test report.
18. Local Dictionary: you can use keywords words from local dictionary.
19. Wrapper.
20.Calculative: if you are adding formula which is based on other fields.
21. Prefix zero : in front of number: - eg: 09.9
22. Postfix zero : back of the number:- eg: 980
23. Result on SMS:  If the user wants to send that parameter on SMS.
24. Shown on parameter history :  if user want this parameter on History

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