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Add Bill / Invoice / Test Registration
Add Bill / Invoice / Test Registration

User can add new Bill and register the lab test. OPD, IPD, Home Collection, Invoice, Concession, payment

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Search the Patient & Select 'Register Test'.
(If the patient is not seen in the list, then use 'Add Patient')

For creating the Bill, select from the following options : 

Step 1 - Select Collection Type Collection Centre (IPD) or Walk In (OPD)

Step 2 - Select priority Normal or Urgent as per requirement

 Step 3 - Collection center:  If 'Collection type' selected is IPD then you have to select one of the collection center. You can also select collection center for a 'Walking Patient(OPD)'. This selection has direct reflection on collection center reports.

Step 4 - Select Reference Doctor name

Step 5 - Select Sample and Registration Date

Step 6 - Select Concession type concession by line item, concession for whole bill, discount by line item, discount on whole bill, write off.

For Adding lab tests:

Click on the text box below Test name and a list of recent and most used Lab tests will appear. You can also type the short code, part of the test name to search from the lab test master and Select the test.

Modify the rate: Users with permission can modify the rates without going to the master.

For adding payment 

This is the page where you can enter payment in various way like cash, cheque, credit card, mobile wallet and select Save menu.

Service Bill Print -

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